2010.07.06 13:15 Music/Muse

1기 트와일라잇에서 삽입된 곡 Supermassive Black hole에 이어

3기 Eclipse에서도 삽입되었습니다

영화와 어울리는 느낌의 곡이지만

영상 중간중간에 나오는 영화 장면이

방해가 되는 느낌까지 드는 멋진 MV 이네요
역시 Muse라는 생각밖에..


I was searching you were on a mission
Then our hearts combined like a neutron star collision
I have nothing left to lose
You took your time to choose
Then we told each other with no trace of fear that

Our love would be forever
And if we die, we die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love would be forever

The world is broken, halos fail to glisten
We try to make a difference but no one wants to listen
Hail the preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud
Then they’ll dissipate like snowflakes in an ocean

Love is forever and we’ll die
We’ll die together
Well I, I said never
Cause our love, could be forever

Now I’ve got nothing left to lose
You take your side to choose
I can tell you now without a trace of fear

That my love will be forever
And well die, we’ll die together
Will I, I will never
Cause our love will be forever

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